Plato Communism

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Plato was born in may/june 428/27 BC in Athens in an aristocratic family . Plato's real name was Aristocles.He excelled in the study of music , mathematics ,poetry and rhetoric . Plato met with Socrates in 407 BC and became his desciple . The execution of Socrates proved to be the turning point of Plato's life . Plato left Athens and went to many countries , studying mathematics and the historical traditions of the priests . He returned to Athens in 386 BC and established an academy .He devoted the bulk of his time to managing the academy . He died in 347 Bc . Platos's theory of communism was one of his original ideas . In his attempt to build an Ideal state , a state where justice would reign supreme ,
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They will be completely free from the economic burden .Plato justifies communism of property as the basic purpose of man's life is not to achieve selfish needs but there are higher goals to be achieved . A proper environment must be created to achieve those goals. those persons in whom reason is prominent cannot be entangled in fullfillment of economic needs as their talents would be wasted there .

2)COMMUNISM OF WIVES -Plato says that private property and family are interdependant . So if only communism of property is adopted only half the goal will be acheived . Attachment to property cannot be given up untill family is there , this is only possible when the instituition of familty is abolished . It is the family for which one acquires property . So if the scheme of communism of property is to acheived then family has to be abolished . Plato gave an elaborate treatment to his scheme . He says that it is the faily which is the root cause of selfishness and narrowness . When one has a family he utilises all the resources for his own well being and that of his family and gets lost in the petty pleasures and sorrows of his family . Such attitude endangers the unity of the state . Communism of wives is also important for the emancipation of women . Plato saw that the women in ancient greek were treated like slaves and even worse , they were given one sole responsibility and that was to bear a child and as such the state was deprived of the duties of half of
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