Plato Death Comparison

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Contrasting Ideologies on Life and Death

Even though many people throughout history have said and done evil things, I believe that history can also show us great things that our race has done. For example, look at the Pyramids of Giza they are one of the most majestic wonders of the world, and they are still studied today, even 6,000 years after being created. In the past and current times this world has had influential people, such as Pope Innocent III, say mankind is evil, other influential people agree that all people have some good inside and can do great things, such as Plato. He is well known for his philosophies on life and being a positive life figure. There are many different ways to look at life, and man’s meaning on earth, and some are better than others.

The twelfth century pope, Pope Innocent III wrote, “On the Misery of the Human Condition” explaining how we as humans will never be as perfect as god and we are sent here for torture and agony;
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I have found myself researching Plato and his theories quite often as of late and it seems if he were still alive, we would get along great. He has a complete opposite theory to a lot of the Pope’s writings. His metaphysical and epistemological doctrines are based off of the idea that thoughts make us who were are and also allow us to choose our own reality. Plato focused his idealist theories around the Pure and True. His philosophy translates into everyone having a good heart no matter how evil they might be and that we all have pure souls no matter how dim our life makes us look. Our society today should adopt more of what Plato believed. It seems more times than not, we are faced with an evil on this earth that is larger than a single person can handle alone. With the limited that time we are privileged to spend in this life, Plato’s belief was that we should learn to love one
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