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In 428 B.C. Aristocles (later known as Plato) was born in Athens. He was born on the island of Aegina, which lies just twelve miles off shore from Athens in the Saronic Gulf (Havelock 3). Aristocles was born into a great political family (Friedlander 14). His father being the descendant of Codrus, the last king of Athens, and his mother was descendant from the great Athenian law maker Solon (Friedlander 15). Like most adolescent children his ambitions were far from anything his parents had ever done. Aristocles wanted to be a wrestler. Aristocles attained the name “Plato” from his wrestling experiences (Havelock 4). Twice he carried the wrestling prize at the Isthmian games but seemingly never made it to the Olympics at Olympia. Plato …show more content…
Plato explains that “most humans live as if in a dim cave. We are chained, he says, and facing a blank wall, with a fire at our backs. All we see are flickering shadows playing across the cave wall and this we take to be reality” (Friedlander 30). Only if we learn to turn away from the wall and the shadows, and escape from the cave, can we hope to see the true light of reality (O’Conner). Many criticize that this philosophy that Plato suggests is unrealistic. It has been said that his idea of the world is just that, merely an idea instead of the world itself (Havelock 32).
Later in Plato’s life he became good friends with the powerful and well known “Dionysius”. Dionysius gained very high ranks in the army and was a large figure in the turning of Syracuse into the most powerful Greek city. Dionysius was a very proud man who did not like to be questioned or proven wrong by any means (O’Conner). He and Plato began discussing philosophy. Plato found himself questioning a flaw in Dionysius’s thinking. At this point Plato’s life was said to be in danger! Dionysius sold Plato as a slave in Aegina. (Havelock 27) Luckily Plato was bought for a mere twenty mina by his old friend Anniceris. Anniceris sent Plato back to Athens with enough money to set up a school. Plato bought land for his school in 386 B.C. (Friedlander 32-35)
Plato then opened his Academy, which it later became known as, gathering a group of followers with him. Many of which were women. This was not very

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