Plato Practice For Dying Research Paper

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The practice for dying In my childhood, I was constantly bombarded by a Chinese saying that birth, aging, sickness and death are the four major things that one would encounter in life. In one’s live, dying is an unavoidable biological process. Although we all know that at one point, we need to leave this world, but this does not mean that we all could confront it with a peaceful attitude. We could hardly find a person who is not afraid of death. And instead, he or she is waiting for death calmly like Socrates. As Socrates said, “the one aim of those who practice philosophy in the proper manner is to practice for dying and death” (Plato, p.12). Agreeing with Plato’s philosophy, I also think that philosophy is like the practice for dying. In order to gain…show more content…
It is patently true that our thoughts are often distorted by our bodily desire. “The body is present and makes from confusion and fear, so that it prevents us from seeing the truth” (Plato, pg.15). Take adolescent egocentrism as an example, adolescences are in the intense period of building self identity and seeking recognition from peers. Since they wish to gain acceptance from peers and a sense of belonging to a group, their desire of gaining attention often drives them to think that they are the center of things. This egocentric body desire often encourages them to try risky things such as heavy alcohol drinking. They will immerge themselves in an imaginary world and think that alcohol toxicities will not happen to them. Besides, adolescents will also think that they are the focus of attention in social situation. However, these personal fables and imaginary audiences are not true, and instead, they are some wrong thoughts developed from adolescence’s bodily desire. Therefore, in order to pursuit correct and undistorted knowledge, one must separate their bodily desire from their
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