Plato: The Trial and Death of Socrates

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Plato was a good learner and pupil who always wanted to wanted to justify Socrates and tried to discover the eternal principles of human conduct, happiness, justice, temperance and courage. He was holding a unique and valuable position in the area when he was only about twenty eight years old. Plato never forced anyone to follow him and to adopt his thoughts in order to adopt a true and simple mean of getting knowledge. Although he always wanted an education system to be established permanently (Marcus, 2011).
Plato's work:
Talking about the work done by Plato, we will come to know that Plato was a man of truth and has spent entire of his life in seeking truth in the different aspects of life (Brickhouse & Smith, 1994). In order to completely understand Plato's actual work, one should focus on the following three points:
An age when the Republic theory was finished in 386 B.C. dealing with Metaphysics, education, political philosophy and ethics.
The political views and thoughts of a politician or a statesman in the time of Plato that was about 380 B.C.
The laws published after the death of Plato which is mainly or chiefly related to the legal system of the place.

Basis of Plato's work:
With the idea of Socrates, he strongly believes in the doctrine of ideas which are related to an event and lead to the reality. He said that one reality is never in the things, it is…
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