Plato Vs. Plato : The Republic Of Plato And Aristocracy

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Plato and Aristotle are philosophers that looked at the question of the best regime and came to two different conclusions. Which presents the question, who had a better argument on the best regime for a city? Both Aristotle and Plato present valid arguments on the best regime, Plato’s theory argues for Aristocracy as the best regime because it would have a philosopher as its ruler. Furthermore, Aristotle builds on Plato’s approach as he identified more than what the best regime is, he actually tried to find a regime that is going to account for all the people in the city and is going to last. He did this by using a ‘middle approach’ to establish a mixed regime, polity, that could be implemented in an actual city, which makes Aristotle’s argument superior to Plato’s.
In this essay, I analyze Books 5 and 7 of the “The Republic of Plato” to see why through discourse between Socrates and Glacon, Plato believes that the philosopher king is the best ruler. Next, I look at Plato’s organization of regimes and his choice for the best regime as Aristocracy came about because of his love for the philosopher king in Book 8. Furthermore, I analyze Aristotle’s principles in his book, “The Politics” and how he takes a different approach when trying to answer the question of the best regime. He did this by not just trying to identify what is best but also what is going to be “attainable” which is what differentiates his answer from Plato’s and leads him to his argument. As Aristotle

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