Plato and Platipus

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It is normal to underestimate the power of philosophy. It is a social science that has lost influence in the 21st Century because many do not understand how this science can help humans achieve true happiness. Though philosophy is a heavy subject, it is the science with the most results regarding human nature and knowledge. Philosophy offers guidance to understand human behavior as well as to question our presence and our real role in society. It is one of the leading social sciences because many world leaders have tried to grasp it and understand the meaning of it thus showing how important it is to study philosophy. Nevertheless, not only should world leaders study philosophy but also everyone should be aware of the different…show more content…
This is the main reason why philosophy has an active role in shaping today’s minds to help them become better individuals and to make the most rational decision without compromising any moral or ethical values.
Moreover, philosophers and writers such as Voltaire, Montesquieu, and Rousseau, discussed the role of government and the role of society in politics. Thanks to their writings, society possesses a deep understanding of the importance of well-founded political institutions as well as the role of citizens in establishing a stable nation. Through their learning one can witness the power of philosophy to raise awareness within society and to have a better judgment because of constant learning and new knowledge. The Enlightenment emphasized the importance of culture as well, which shows that philosophy encourages the acceptance of other traditions to create a balanced society. Philosophy’s role in such instance was to promote acceptance an eliminate ignorance. As the book “Candide” by Voltaire illustrates, one must cultivate his or her garden in order to have a fulfilling life that is based more in the possession of knowledge rather than the possession of material goods. During the period of the Enlightenment, philosophy continued to reform society and revolutionize human thought hence promoting innovation. The power of philosophy to inspire and innovate comes from its moral teachings just like the philosophers of the Enlightenment pointed

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