Essay on Plato and the Forms

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     Plato’s notion of the Forms vs. the physical realm is quite and interesting topic. I believe something very similar to what Plato thinks about the Forms and our physical reality. Plato says that there is nothing that is perfect in this reality that we live in. And the Forms are the perfect ideals or thoughts that we are striving to achieve throughout our lives. Plato says it is impossible to reach the Forms in our current reality and that it is only possible to achieve perfect knowledge and truth after our soul leaves our body and goes to the next realm where we can become or attain the Forms.      Now I believe like Plato, that we can’t attain perfection while here on Earth, but…show more content…
As we grow we age and become old, and will die eventually where our soul will continue to live until there is a resurrection. Our bodies and spirits or souls however you want to describe them will join together as a perfect body and we will finally have a perfect knowledge of all things and the “Forms” as Plato describes them.      Part of this test while here on Earth is to see if we can follow certain laws given to us by God. I believe that these laws are the Forms Plato talks about. What we are all trying to become and that these laws will help us to gain the perfect knowledge that we desire. I don’t believe however that all knowledge is innate with in us. I do believe that we had a great deal of knowledge and that we understood many things before we came to this Earth. However before we came here I don’t think we had bodies, and without bodies how could we know or have perfect knowledge of all things physical? It is impossible to have perfect knowledge and understanding of something that you have never experienced. So in the sense that we are trying to get back to or remember the perfect understanding of the Forms Plato describes I can’t agree with what Plato thinks in that regard.      Plato’s notion that we have perfect knowledge in the realm of the forms without a body, come to Earth and receive a body and forget all our knowledge, then spend our lives

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