Essay about Plato on Knowledge

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Plato on Knowledge

Plato argues that philosophy purifies ones soul and prepares one for death. Through his work The Republic he speaks about how everyone and everything is similar in regards to thought process. Plato argues that wisdom is gained over time. As a person grows they are exposed to numerous situations and events, which provide one with experience and teachings. Everything that happens in one’s life shapes who they will become, how their wisdom grows, and how much wisdom they obtain. He argues this by comparing the nature of animals to the nature of humans through analogies that explain people’s behaviors. He also stresses how human’s actions and behaviours change as they grow. This is due to the wisdom which they
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19)? In this quote he essentially points out that a captain of a crew is not a sailor but indeed is a captain. The captain gives orders, and the crew absorbs what they are being told. Captains teach their crew how to work together and get through their journeys. A captain also teaches the crew their knowledge about the ship. Journeys, as well as the ship are essentially referred to as life and all that it entails. Plato then continues this metaphor by stating “…that a ship’s captain or ruler won’t seek and order what is advantageous to himself, but what is advantageous to a sailor” (Plato, pg. 19). Thus, a good teacher is not self interested. Their main objective is to guide their crew so they too may be a captain one day. Parents do this by passing down their values onto their children throughout the course of their life. They teach them to the best of their abilities. Whatever a parent is unable to teach a child they will learn from their teachers, their friends, and other influences in their lives. Everyone and everything ultimately provides some type of lesson to another person. The lessons which help one obtain knowledge are not only taught by their peers, but also by the circumstances which one is brought up in, and the things they experience.
The journey of life will vary from person to person. This is because as people grow they will go through diverse experiences. These experiences affect a person’s
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