Plato 's A Good Life

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Plato’s book can be fun however difficult to comprehend, Plato prefers to write in the form of dialogue. Socrates was Plato’s teacher and he seemed to have a theory that “we ought to lead a moral life whether or not such life leads to happiness.” However, Plato didn’t seem to agree with Socrates on that, he argued that “the righteous life is not only good in itself but also necessary condition of a happy life” The book Plato’s republic discusses about several important and fascinating theories of topics. Plato spends most of his time discussing about the “good life”, he appears to believe that a perfect life has to be managed under the perfect conditions. When you have a perfect life managed under the perfect conditions you end up getting a perfect society, then that perfect society would have to include justice within it. Once the book begins to talk about justice it gets less complicated, the definition of justice would be that the people who are just are only just, because they are afraid that they will get punished if they were unjust. He then uses the story of the Gyges ring as an example. The story was that there was a magical ring and if a man would turn the ring would be turned inward he would turn invisible, and when outward he would reappear and he would be able to do all the unjust things he wanted to. The story of the ring of Gyges is stating that those who want to be just are only just because they find it necessary, not because they truly want to be just and
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