Plato 's Allegory Of Cave

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Janeva Walters
December 6, 2016
Dr. T. Brady
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Plato’s Allegory of Cave

The allegory of the cave is regarded as one of the most reputed and acclaimed works by the Greek philosopher Plato in modern literature as well as philosophy. First published and presented in his work known as a Republic (514a–520a), the dialogues that have been used as conversation can be regarded as fictitious as the main conversation takes place between Plato’s brother Glaucon and Socrates. First and foremost, allegorical writing is a type of writing that has two sets of meanings, one which can be assumed as literal and the other one is allegorical. Although this piece was written long before my time, the underlying message it intends to convey is still relevant today. Our society is trapped in a cave.
To begin with, the literal meaning is the content or subject matter, whereas, the allegorical meaning is one which can only be understood by developing a greater sense of understanding regarding symbols and metaphors that have been used in the writing. In this work, Plato symbolized the existence of the world as a cave. The cave is very dark and people that are in it can hardly see anything (Bachelors and Masters, 2016).
Also, inside the cave are people who are held captive with chains tied to their neck and feet, which makes their movement extremely difficult and virtually impossible. At the same time, Plato also talks about the world that lies outside the cave. However, between these two…

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