Plato 's Apology And The Apology

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In this paper I will discuss how Plato 's Apology and Phaedo have difference ideas of what it means to be a philosopher. I will explain how in the Apology, the philosopher is wise in how he/she understand that they are wise because they know that they don 't know, and in Phadeo the philosopher knowledgable and are concern in gaining more knowledge. In Plato 's Apology we learn about Socrates life and who he really is. In platos Apology a philosopher is a wise person because he understands that being wise is understanding that they know they don 't know. Is something difficult to understand but I will break it down as simple as I can. Socrates was a citizen that knew that he did not know and also knew that everyone else also did not…show more content…
Someone that would call themselves wise, Socrates would question him or her until they did not had an answer to Socrates questions, and that would demonstrate that in reality those people where not wise as they would call themselves, even though himself would not had an answer either. Although, Socrates did not claimed to have knowledge of what he did not know and not claimed to have wisdom when he believed he did not, Socrates understood that those who claimed to have knowledge did not really know about what they claimed to know as well as wisdom and thats what made Socrates more wise. Therefore, In the Apology Socrates was wise because he believed that he was not wise. In the Apology the Oracle believed that there was no other person wiser that Socrates because Socrates believed that he was not wise. It its crazy to believe that a person is wise because that person believes he or she is not wise but if you put some thought into it it makes total sense. How can someone in this earth call themselves wise when in reality they do not have every answer. Socrates in the Apology would totally agree that it is wiser for someone to believe that being wise is to not call themselves wise but to know that they don 't know and that is because thats what Socrates did throughout his life in the Apology until his sentenced. In the other hand in Plato 's Phaedo the philosopher

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