Plato 's Dialogue, Republic, And The Claims Of The Modern World

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Philosophers are commonly viewed as useless and foolish in the modern world. Some people see philosophers of the past as people who attempted to understand important aspects of human nature, different ideologies, and social problems only to fail or not provide universal answers or solutions. However, there are others who see the importance of philosophers and how they have become to understand aspects of life and human nature before anyone else; Plato is a person who sides with the argument that philosophers play an important role in society. In Plato’s dialogue, Republic, he attempts to discover justice and to convey the importance philosophers possess in ensuring a just society. The main argument that will be addressed in this essay is that philosophers are useful and are essential to guarantee a truly just city. In this paper I will use Plato’s dialogue, Republic, and the claims mentioned throughout to support and build my agreement with Plato in arguing that having philosophers in rule ensures a just and honest society. The main question presented in, Republic is “what is justice;” both in the individual and in the city. These concepts of justice need to be addressed before determining that by having philosophers in rule, the city will be truly just. By providing Plato’s definition of justice in the individual and the city it will be easier to understand why philosophers are the only people who understand justice and how to implement it into a society. Plato uses the

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