Plato 's Five Regimes From The Ancient Philosophical Text The Republic

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Plato 's five regimes from the Ancient Philosophical text The Republic.
The Republic is an ancient Philosophical story written by Plato. Plato was the student of Socrates. Republic talks about the real life experience of Socrates and it capture an event from the life of Socrates.
The Republic is known to be the one of the world’s most influential philosophical writing.
The Book has multiple themes, its main theme is to define Justice. While answering what justice is, it talks about many other secondary themes.
The story in book begins picturing the event happening in an ancient city of Greece, where Socrates was present along with his companions. The purpose of his visit was an ancient Holy festival. Upon returning back from the festival, Socrates and his companions are invited by an old friend for dinner and a dialogue. Socrates had reputation for having dialogues. He attracted audience to witness, and that is why he was invited by the son of his old friend so they can have the joy, to watch Socrates have an argument.
The Republic is divided into ten books, each leading to another, forward and backward, starting and completing an argument or a theme. The main theme of the book is to define the Justice.
A subtheme which begins at the end of Book four and which is continued and completed in Book 8 is types of Government systems also known as Plato’s five regimes.
The first type is Aristocracy, Second is Timocracy, Third Oligarchy, fourth Democracy and the fifth one is…

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