Plato 's Ion, Socrates, And Socrates

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In Plato’s Ion, Socrates tries to prove that all poets are ignorant. He did not leave out himself, as a matter of fact, what separated Socrates from the others is the fact that he knew he was ignorant. In Socrates conversation with Ion- the rhapsode, he was able to prove that Ion is ignorant by asking him about Homer and another poet who spoke about the same topic, Ion was able to speak up about the questions on Homer, but not that of the other poet, even though they both spoke about the same content. Socrates believed that beautiful speech requires knowledge, and even though the Rhapsodes are ignorant, they were still able to speak beautifully, how is that possible? Socrates dilemma was divine inspiration. He believed that the goddess of memory speaks through the Rhapsodes. To further prove how ignorant Ion was, when Socrates mentioned this to him, he totally agreed with Socrates, even though it was meant as an insult.
Also in Plato’s Ion, we saw two different teaching methods between Socrates and the rhapsodes. Socrates believed that for a student to learn they have to ask questions and be actively engaged in the conversation. However, the rhapsodes were more of an entertainer than a teacher. They would dress very nicely and recite the poems to the students as if they were audiences, and in turn the students were required to retain the information given by the rhapsodes.

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