Plato 's Republic : A Political Leader Is The Greatest Way Have A Successful Political Rule

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In book one of Plato’s Republic, Socrates states that “no one, in any position of rule, to the extent that he is a ruler, considers or enjoins what is advantageous for himself, but what is advantageous for his subject - that on which he practices his craft.” According to Plato, treating political rule as a craft with master craftsmen in power is the greatest way have a successful political rule. This idea is pessimistic when viewed in terms of a democratic society, as a true democracy places a value on the ability of everyone to exercise political authority either through voting or being elected into a political office. Socrates believes that democracy is inherently flawed because it gives a political voice to those who lack experience in political craft. Though Plato’s ideas on who should be a political leader are not favorable in democratic society, his argument is rather convincing. Plato compares the craft of politics to the craft of medicine in book one. When someone is ill, they go to a doctor, not a baker for example. Plato argues that politics is much the same in that someone who is able to successfully run a government must have studied politics and fit the role of a philosopher king. When the ruler or rulers of a society do not meet this requirement, corruption is bound to occur. Plato states that “excessive action in one direction usually sets up a great reaction in the opposite direction … for extreme freedom probably cannot lead to anything but a change to
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