Plato 's Teachings Of Philosophy

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Plato was a well known philosopher who lived during the time of the distinguished Greek philosophers. He was born into a wealthy and very noble family in the Athens. In the midst of preparation for his life long career as a politician, the young Plato witnessed the trial and eventual execution of Socrates. Little did he or anyone know this would ultimately lead him to completely abandon his political career and become one of the world’s most distinguished philosophers. Although Plato’s teachings are not universally agreed upon, virtually anyone can agree that that he was a brilliant thinker and spurred many thoughts and beliefs that are carried into today’s teachings of philosophy. While the precise relationship of Plato and Socrates remains a heated disagreement among scholars, Plato states that he was, in fact, a devoted follower of Socrates. Plato was highly influenced by Socrates’ teachings and highly disturbed by his execution, eventually leading him to establish an extremely powerful body of intellectual work. Plato is known to be a great writer as well as teacher. Some of Plato’s most famous teachings and writings had to do with his powerful argument that was in favor of the objectivity of values. He taught that objective values are those that exist outside the individual and are otherwise dependent upon their individual perception or personal belief. This can include truth, beauty, as well as good. Some other distinguished philosophers have come up with
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