Plato 's The Republic Socratic Dialogue And Tsugmi Ohba And Takeshi Obata Death Note

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• Introduce the texts being discussed and their author’s. • Then identify the main themes/ideas being compared. E.g. Justice (and the idea) and the noble lie(and idea) • State the key features each author uses to convey to the reader (in similar/different ways) • How as a result of these features, the perspective of the reader is formed. Throughout Plato’s The Republic a Socratic dialogue and Tsugmi Ohba and Takeshi Obata Death Note a psychological/thriller, the issues of what constitutes as justice and the implications of noble lie are heavily debated between the characters and within their ideologies in each text respectively. Both texts use justice to convey unanswerable but necessary questions on what constitutes as justice, how the…show more content…
This story raises multiple queries about the idea and constitution of justice and its connection the character of Glaucon uses this fable to argue that justice is a kind of socially constructed contract which keeps people from harming one another. Glaucon’s thought experiment is supposed to demonstrate the fact that people really only value justice because doing so benefits their perception in the public’s image. In other words, it would be more beneficial for someone in Gyges’s position to act as they like because people only value justice or morality when their actions can be scrutinised, Light from the death note acknowledges this face and states “Humans will all ways try to maintain appearances when there in public that’s just how we are…” however, when they are given anonymity and the risk of damaging ones reputation is gone so is all their sense of justice “…But this is how they really feel most are too afraid to support me as they a worried about what others will think; Many would rather deny my existence, but on the internet where you can remain anonymous support for KIRA is growing”. Glaucon states it doesn’t matter whether or not you are just or unjust before putting on the ring the power of temptation will inevitably lead you to corruption. When

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