Plato 's View Of Death

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Plato was a philosopher during the Classical Greek Era. He studied under Socrates and agreed with many of his teacher’s views. These views were based on the absolutes which were the pursuit of the ideal. They pursed order, rationality, truth, harmony, balance, beauty, and many other ideas. Another ideal they pursued was the concept of a good soul and life after death. Plato’s world view of death revolves around having a good soul and if a person has a good soul they will have a good life after death; he shows this through rebuking materialism, his views of death, and the fact that he believes he has a good soul and in return he will have a good life in death . Plato shows that to achieve a good soul people need to reject materialistic ideas. Plato says, “You see, I do nothing else except go around trying to persuade you, both young and old alike, not to care about your bodies or your money as intensely as about how your soul may be in the best possible condition. I say, “It’s not from wealth that virtue comes, but from virtue wealth comes money, and all other things that are good for human beings both in private and public life (Apology, 30a-30b).”” Then Plato talks about how he tried to get the people to not care about their possessions. He says, “I tried to persuade each of you to care first not about any of his possessions, but about himself and how he’ll become the best and wisest; and not primarily about the city’s possession, but about the city itself; and to care…

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