Plato 's View Of Reality

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Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality? Questioned if you are completely able to see from the outside looking in? Philosopher Plato, presents his view of reality through an allegory to explain the concept, and how we gain knowledge of our reality. Two other philosophers that I will mention both touch base with their description of reality and how it relates to Plato’s conception. All three of these philosophers believe knowledge is attainable through acts of realization and simple knowledge, and each philosopher presents his/her main point of reality through different ways of attaining it. I will further mention the relevance of Plato’s theory in today’s world and why I believe it to be valuable. Reality versus illusion is described by Plato in chapter seven of The Republic. Plato creates an allegorical view of what it means to be alive, and the journey of gaining a sense of reality. He begins setting the scene by describing a dimly lit cave containing the men who have lived there since the beginning of life. The men are chained up and unable to turn their heads, only facing a a stone wall. They have not seen the source of light within the cave (which is both a burning fire and sunlight), nor the objects that depict the shadows on the wall. They know only what they see, ignorant to the world just beyond the cave. Plato continues by questioning what would happen if one man were to become free from his restraints and exposed to the sunlight outside the cave,…

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