Plato 's View Of Thinking

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I also like how Plato stated that it took a while for the man who got out of the cave to adjust to the outside world because everything was so bright and all the different objects and colors were so overwhelming. I feel like Plato is trying to describe what it is like when you first truly submerge yourself in a new way of thinking and surround yourself in the new knew teachings and after a while of reading a studying you truly get a grasp on all the concepts and it is no longer overwhelming. Another detail that I really liked that Plato added was that when the man went back to the cave he was not used to the darkness and couldn’t perceive the shadows to be anything. I thought of this detail as once you have discovered a new way of thinking and you try to go back to your old ways you do not understand how you use to live before you changed your way of thinking. I feel like Plato is bringing up the idea that people do not want to change the way they think because Plato feels that people who think this way are stubborn, ignorant, and do not want to do something unless everyone else is doing it. This also brings up the idea of an idea verses reality, which basically states that everything that exists is a representation of an idea therefore it is not perfect because it is not based off of a real thing, but it is based off of a perfect idea. In the story of The Myth of Er, Plato is writing about a story that Socrates told. Socrates starts the story by talking about a man named…

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