Plato 's View Of Thinking

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I also like how Plato stated that it took a while for the man who got out of the cave to adjust to the outside world because everything was so bright and all the different objects and colors were so overwhelming. I feel like Plato is trying to describe what it is like when you first truly submerge yourself in a new way of thinking and surround yourself in the new knew teachings and after a while of reading a studying you truly get a grasp on all the concepts and it is no longer overwhelming. Another detail that I really liked that Plato added was that when the man went back to the cave he was not used to the darkness and couldn’t perceive the shadows to be anything. I thought of this detail as once you have discovered a new way of thinking…show more content…
Ten days after Er died in battle he was taken with all the other dead soldiers to be buried. When Er’s body was taken and put on the funeral pyre he came back to life and went to tell his story of his adventures in the afterlife to other people. Er talked about how he traveled with a group of souls to an amazing place where there were two chasms, on going into the earth and one going into heaven. In between the two chasms was earth, which was where the souls waited to be judged and depending on how moral or immoral they were assigned which chasms to go. When Er arrived at the judgment area, he was told to sit and watch the souls get judged because he was going to be sent back to earth to tell people about what they had seen. After watching souls being judged he met some souls that came down from heave or up from the chasm going into the earth. The souls from heaven talked about how they were rewarded and treated so well for being moral, and the souls who came from the earth said that they were forced to contently wonder the under world for a certain amount of time depending on how immoral they were. The worse you where the longer you had to wonder, and the underworld was a terrible place filled with murders and other criminals. After the souls had spent the required amount of time in either chasm, they were given the ability to choose another life to be reincarnated as, but the only thing was that once they pick their
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