Plato 's View On Education

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Plato and Nietzche’s View on Education Education is important. Nelson Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” In addition, education is the gate to access to knowledge. Without education, human beings have no difference from the animals. Therefore, receiving a good education is a shortcut to success. Knowing the importance of education, Plato and Nietzche, two of the most influential philosophers and thinkers in the past, comment on education more precisely. They eagerly point out that what should be a good educational system and many crucial improvements to the current education in their societies. In this essay, I will further explain what is education in Plato and Nietzche’s…show more content…
Step by step, he eventually is able to go out of the cave and see the sun. The rest of the parable is saying that obtaining knowledge is similar to the steps of getting out of the cave. The purpose of education is to drag everyone out of the cave as far as possible. (Sparknotes) Moreover, Plato discusses that education is not “putting a knowledge into the soul.” (Plato 229) Rather, it is giving the student the desire to explore and to obtain knowledge themselves. Comparing to the prisoner who first turns to the fire, if he initially covers up his eyes, avoid looking at the fire, and returns to the shadows, he will never have a chance to see the world outside the cave. Education is not an easy task. I agree to Plato’s view that education is similar to the process of getting out of the cave. Students may be confused or frustrated when they are acquiring knowledge. The goal of education is to clear up these confusions and frustration and give students opportunities to learn what they are desired. In addition, people have a tendency to believe in shadows rather than what is true as the parable describes. They tend to believe what everyone else believes regardless of the fact that they might be wrong. Therefore, another goal of education is to give motivation to students to explore and think individually. In Nietzsche’s Twilight of the Idols, Nietzsche explains
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