Plato 's Views On Perception

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I agree with Plato about perception. I know for a fact that this life is not the end of life that it is part of a never ending cycle… Time for example is not linear as man believes. It is like the clock that is round, and never ends. There is no beginning and no end. Yes… I know… Not many people know that. Our lives, human life itself, is just a blip in time. What exists for us after this life is beyond our wildest imagination. The time we have here now in the present is orchestrated by God for us to be proven to see if in a lost and fallen state we would turn to Him, and only to Him, and not to Man’s understandings. Plato was a man… Yet, he was given great ability to think and understand. That ability was given to Him by God. I don’t think Plato knew much about God, but suffice it to say that he did believe in the idea of there being a God or likely he believed in multiple God 's. Plato understood that there are some things that are eternal in nature. Some things that you simply cannot change.

In life there are many things that happen that just aren’t fair and often times we are at the center, or at least an observer, of that unfairness. One such unfairness that I would like to discuss today is that of intellect through education and the privileged position related to possessing great knowledge. Mankind’s understandings or the lack thereof have created contentions since the dawn of time. In fact, one could argue…

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