Plato - the Greater Part of the Stories Current Today We Shall Have to Reject

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"The Greater Part of the Stories Current Today We Shall Have to Reject" The Influence of reading material and television on children's abilities to distinguish between what is true and not true Throughout time and history, the concerns of many have been made regarding the influence of the media on children and our young people. Although media, its various forms and those who are in control of them have changed throughout as time has progressed, the concerns still are the same. Plato wrote about the influence that poets had on young people of his time in the same way that those who have analyzed this issue today have revealed the effects of literature and television on today's children. Plato strongly states in his writing "The…show more content…
If information "given" to us is filtered and improperly fluffed, how are we then left to analyze it appropriately and utilize it to our benefit as a learning experience or as an opportunity to analyze a situation or event without the clouding of censorship involved. With expecting writers to censor themselves as far as what they write is preposterous. Many individuals have so much within their minds that would be and could be beneficial for us as a part or whole to read, review or see on television that may dissuade us from a prejudice or situation, or allow us as humans to think things through, hopefully objectively, or even subjectively, without censorship. It is up to the parents of our children to ensure that what they are reading and seeing and hearing from the media is controlled. During the years of adolescence, the mind is very impressionable and it is difficult to remove various occurrences and images from a humans mind as they get older. Children would be able to get ideas regarding for example, school shootings and bringing guns to school from the media, based on news reports that occurred when the horrible Colombine High School shootings occurred. With viewing news reporting and editorials on a topic such as this, children can get ideas that this is ok to do and
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