Plato's Allegory Of The Cave-Incarcerated In Social Media

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Incarcerated in Social Media

Thesis: “To the casual observer, social media appears to accurate source of information about certain

event across the world , but a closer examination, through the overall framework and specific

symbolism in Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave,” demonstrates this understanding is limited , like

seeing in a world of shadows, and the true reality is that social media depicts inherently biased

and heavily distorted picture about that certain event presented from a perspective that lacks

insight and first hand experience but conforms to the …show more content…

Then there are the chains, tools used to focus the attention and

mind of a person to the shadows being cast just like a blinker used to prevent a horse from seeing

but what is in front of it. They restrict the prisoners’ movement and compel him to view the shadows

in which he is through time engrossed. Thus, the prisoners are doomed to see nothing but the

shadows and erroneously perceive what is presented to them is reality at its best. Throughout their

lives they have been seeing these contours of reality and their minds have been corrupted by outlines of

the truth which are presented as a whole. After this, one day the teacher comes a frees a prisoner from

the cave and brings him out to light which represents a knowledge that there is indeed a world than the


When we examine social media through the lens of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, we discover that the

the cave is the ignorance of believing what is presented is a story told from multiple perspectives or

better firsthand experience. The chains are devices like computers, cell phones that are used to immure

people. Because these electronic materials are accessible and affordable, they present

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