Plato's Allegory of the Cave and Perceptions of Reality Essay

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The basic premise of Plato’s allegory of the cave is to depict the nature of the human being, where true reality is hidden, false images and information are perceive as reality. In the allegory Plato tells a story of a man who is put on a Gnostics path. Prisoners seating in a cave with their legs and necks chained down since childhood. They are chained in such a way that they cannot move or see each other, only look into the shadows on the wall in front of them; not realizing they have three dimensional bodies. These images are of men and animals, carried by an unseen men on the background. Now imagine one of the prisoners is liberated into the light, the Gnostic path will become painful and difficult, but slowly his eyes will begin to…show more content…
Many want a vampire boyfriend, not distinguishing that it’s just fantasy not reality. I myself once became the victim of this imperfect reality, when I was in elementary school I used to watch many Soap Operas and soon I started to behaving like one of the characters. It just goes to demonstrates the power the media and movie directors have over us, because they are capable of creating stories that many us can’t distinguish whether it’s a story, fantasy or reality, some will continue to live in that darkness of perception and believe everything they see on the screen, and never grasp true reality. In George Orwell novel “1984” one can see this behavior, Plato depicted in the allegory the idea of false reality and world, that’s created by the government of Oceanian for it’s citizen to perceive as reality.
In the novel Big brother, the head of the country, that’s never seen beside on poster, similar to people who carry the figures. He Possesses complete control of the citizen through censorship, propaganda and thought crime to annihilate anyone who was a threat or tries to contaminate the controlled minds of the citizen. “ if they caught anyone trying to free them and lead them up to the light, they would try to kill him.” If the liberated prisoner is caught trying to enlightened the other prisoners, he is seen as threat and people will try to kill him to make sure
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