Essay on Plato’s Crito: The Last Days of Socrates

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As Socrates awaits his upcoming execution; he is visited before dawn by a close old friend Crito. Crito has made arrangements to help Socrates escape from prison. Socrates is grateful to his old friend for his willing to help aide him in the escape. However, Socrates is quite willing to await his execution. Crito tries to change Socrates mind about escaping by presenting him with several arguments. The first is that if Socrates choices to stay, his death will reflect poorly on Crito. The people will think that Crito did nothing to save his friend. If Socrates is worried about the risk or the financial cost to Crito; it’s an expense that he is willing to pay, and that he made arrangements for Socrates to live a life of exile in a pleasant…show more content…
Socrates informs his friend that one should only care about the opinion of sensible people; that are willing to see things for what they are and how those things turn out. “But why, my dear Crito, should we care about the opinion of the many? Good men, and they are the only persons who are worth considering, will think of these things truly as they happened” (44C) Crito wants his friend to realize that sometimes the popular opinion is more powerful and any even more dangerous. The public has an unlimited capacity for doing harm to others and his trail/sentencing will be proof of this. Socrates doesn’t see it that way and disagrees with his friend, the public had the power of doing good. Socrates believes that the public doesn’t make the man right or wrong.
The next argument that Crito address to Socrates; is does he fear of putting his friends endangering or at an inconvenience for escaping. Crito and others friends are willing to face the danger of this and understand the risk. Crito doesn’t want Socrates to fear living in exile because he can ensure that Socrates will leave in comfort. Several wealthy men have been willing to put their money to aid Socrates and to also ensure his protection. Crito believes that Socrates’ behavior is a poor refection on Socrates himself as a friend
Crito believes that Socrates is acting unjustly by staying in prison. Deciding to stay in prison, Socrates letting his enemies treat him the way they want to and by doing so
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