Plato's Ideology of Soul over Body

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Being one of Socrates’ disciples, Plato adopted his philosophy and style of debate, and focused his studies toward the question of virtue and the formation of a noble character. According to Aristotle, Plato developed the foundations of his metaphysics and epistemology by studying the doctrines of Cratylus, and the work of Pythagoras and Parmenides. When Plato met Socrates, however, he had met his definitive teacher.
Under the influence of Socrates’ philosophical ideology, Plato was trying to find a solution to the problem that although there is underlying stability in the world (sun comes up every morning), it is constantly changing (you never step into the same river twice). An old theory about this is problem is that we gain all
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As Plato advocates that soul belongs to different order from body, so it cannot be set alongside the body as homogeneous entity. The soul’s penchant is towards another world. It becomes evident, why the senses are envisaged, not as windows but as bars, since so far as the physical nature of man is concerned it is not just a matter of noting, ontologically, the finite character of its existence, but rather one making an ethical and religious value-judgment on this earthly life form the viewpoint of higher destiny. Only when the soul has undergone an inner transformation and been duly prepared for this it can looks at the body in a fresh light, as it were, and so discover as meaningful affinity between soul and body, which serves to orientate man towards the higher reality.
The notion that soul’s being destined for another world is dominant aspect of the doctrine of immortality of soul. The soul’s origin is prior to that of this mundane order, it is not subject to a process of decay, but is connected intrinsically with eternal world of ideas. The body may perish but soul continues to exist and Plato has offered various evidences of this immortality. If examined on logical standpoint they are not always conclusive; but they present the soul in light of that
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