Plato's Impact Is The Dipproach And Diffusion?

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Impact is the durability by coming up with advanced ideas, approach, automation or belief It is regarded that philosophers impacted the world. What about Diffusion? Diffusion is the spread of linguistic or cultural procedures or modernization within the society or from one community to another. It is believed that without “diffusion” there is no “impact”.The impact of philosophers are dispersed into cultures. Who was Socrates? Socrates was a Greek philosopher and the main source of the Western thought. Little is known about him and his life except what was recorded by his student, including Plato. Most of the information obtained about his life biography were from his students. He focused on the examination of ethics and virtue.…show more content…
He was the first ever to create a all-inclusive system of the Western Philosophy,enveloping integrity and aesthetics, philosophy and science, politics and metaphysics. He came up with the idea of Natural Philosophy which is normally dealt the real world. Ethics is believed to be a practical science which leads to virtue ethics. For him, virtue has to do with the proper function of a thing ¤ City (government) predates the existence of each of its citizens. Medieval Timeline Early Medieval Ages: 400-1000 High Medieval Ages: 1000-1300 Late Medieval Ages:

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