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Fizza Raza Intro to Political Theory September 22, 2011 The purpose of the Myth of Er is to emphasize one of the points that Plato has been making throughout this whole book, that philosophy, or the quest for knowledge is essential in order to have a successful existence, either as a person or a group of people. One cannot work towards something until and unless he knows what that thing is and how to get there. It is only possible to study philosophy up to the point where one fully understands the Form of the Good, which is the ultimate form. Because of there being a limit to how much knowledge one can gain, it is not ridiculous to assume that one is able to reach that level of knowledge. Even though it’s almost impossible to perceive…show more content…
This pushes one to investigate further beyond what is clearly visible and what is not and how to differentiate between the two, thus finding the idea nearest to the truth. In politics the primary concern of politicians should be the well being of the citizens they have rule over, therefore this myth has everything to do with politics. The well being of any citizen cannot be achieved unless there is justice in the political system, and just as with everything else, true justice cannot be accomplished without the knowledge of what the just is. This knowledge is impossible to gain without philosophy. The leaders of a political system must be the most educated and informed of what true justice is because the system is flawed; all sections down to the citizens will also have the same flaws. This does not mean that there be a perfect and just system of governing because that would be unrealistic and lead to acts considered inhumane, such as tearing apart families or getting rid of everyone that is not up to the standards of the city. Justice is basically being able to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong, and if it so happens that the leaders of a particular regime cannot adequately do so then it is dangerous for them to rule over anyone, for the sake of all parties involved. This will not guarantee a perfect life, but definitely one that is less troubled than the rest (Plato 303). It is against human nature to choose such a life

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