Plato's Republic

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Book I What is justice? Why should we be just? Cephalus - Justice means living up to your legal obligations and being honest. - Socrates - Its like returning weapon to a madman.. he'll kill people. Polemarchus - Justice means that you owe friends help, and you owe enemies harm. - Socrates - we are not always friends with the most virtuous, nor are our enemies always teh scum of society Thrasymachus , sophist - Justice is nothing more than the advantage of the stronger-- it does not pay to be just.Justice is a conventon imposed on us, and it does not benefit us to adhere to it. The rational thing is to ignore it. - Socrates 1. This promotes injustice as a virtue. In his view, life is like a continual competition to get…show more content…
- do not allow sexual intercourse. - physical training of teh guardians - resemble training for war, and not athletic engagement. Balance music and poetry with training... so they wont be savage. - Medical traininging should be provided in just city - only cure curable ailments - and let teh chornoic ills die, as well as the incurable mental diseases. Third and final class : Rulers - the best of the guardians are chosen as rulers, the rest are warriors known as auxiliaries. Rulers = guardians. To ensure that no one argues who should rule, \socrates suggests telling citizens fixtions ... such as "the myth of the metals". Says that all citizens of teh city were born out of earth, pursuades patriotic. Bodies filled with metals.. Rulers - gold, auxiliaries - silver, producers - bronze or iron. City cant be ruled wth somone mixed with wrong metal.. or city ruined. - Guardians all live together in housing from city - no wages and cannot hold private wealth or property - supported entirely through taxation of production class. If guardians acquire private property... they will abuse pwoer and rule for their own gain and not the good of the city. Book IV Adeimantus interrupts - "Being a ruler is unpleasant" - no provate wealth, cant make trips or keep mistress or do things that make people happy. - Socrates says that their goal in building this city is not to make any one group happy at
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