Plato's View of Conventional Morality

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It is very difficult for humans to act in a rationale manner at all times. Further complicating the issue is the very idea of rationale behavior. The term in itself is quite subjective and can easily be interpreted in numerous ways. Due to the emotional influence on many of the decisions of society, I tend to agree with the view of conventional morality. I do believe humans intentionally do wrong due in part to their emotional instability. We as society become overly optimistic during periods of mass euphoria. Consequently we become more downtrodden during period of extreme pessimism. This concept manifests itself in all aspects of daily life. It terms of economic issues, our latest encounter with the housing market was extreme example of over optimism. Society in the early 2000's believed housing prices could never go down. In society's hysteria, individuals bought houses at a rapid pace believing the prevailing knowledge of housing prices to be true. During this period of jubilation housing prices appreciated in value nearly 25% a year for the first half of the decade (Federal Reserve, 2006). The euphoria was contagious as society wanted to take part of the housing parade. Individuals who couldn't afford housing subsequently purchased homes again believing in the adage of appreciating home prices. This euphoria however quickly came to an end as home prices plummeted and the United States economy unraveled.…
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