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Dongjiao Li Professor Glenn Walton English 4441 August 21st 2014 Scoring Joyce: The Role of Music in James’ Dubliners Walter Pater pointed out that “[a]ll arts constantly aspires towards the condition of music” (page number!) in his book The Renaissance. Indeed, music crosses the language barrier and truly conveys the emotion to the audience; it has a powerful appeal to people. While literature, especially the realism literature rationally depicts the real world. The combination of music and literature is the perfect combination of sense and sensibility. James Joyce, as a writer, dedicated to use music in his work to express his emotions to his readers. He has shown his interest in “musical literature” in his early work Chamber Music. (Joyce reference) However, in his later realism story collection Dubliners, he showed more interest in combining music and literature, seeking more literary manifestations. Through “allusion” that … (Abrams 10), music plays important roles in Dubliners. In this essay, I am going to examine the important roles of music in Dubliners by the musical allusions: it unifies the structure, deepens the themes, and enriches the character 's personality. The opera The Bohemian Girl has been presented in two stories, Eveline and Clay. Joyce used the same opera to connect two different characters in different stories; it unifies the structure of the collection. In the story of Eveline, the protagonist Eveline is a young girl who works as a shop
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