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About three years ago, when my sister suggested that I begin watching Gilmore Girls, I immediately said yes. Having heard nothing about the show other than its name, I was completely basing my decision off how much I have enjoyed other shows that my sister has presented to me. Growing up with a sister eleven years older than me, I feel that I belong in her generation more than with my own. When most of her favorite shows were on air, I was too young to care or be interested in watching. However, thanks to the world we live in and the technology it provides, shows such as Full House, 7th Heaven, The OC, and Gossip Girl have not just become her shows but mine as well. Gilmore Girls is something different, though. It is special. All of us have…show more content…
Rory Gilmore is Lorelai’s daughter, whom she had at sixteen years old. Rory is an extremely smart girl, whose dream in life is to attend Harvard University. The series begins with Rory being accepted into a prestigious private school. The only problem is that Lorelai is unable to afford it. So, she turns to her parents, Emily and Richard, for money. They agree to pay for Rory’s education on one condition, however. Rory and Lorelai must attend weekly family dinners on Friday nights. This is just the start of the Gilmore girls’ lives. Now add Rory’s rock and roll obsessed best friend, Lane; Lorelai’s best friend who works with her at the Independence Inn, Sookie; Luke, the owner of the town diner; Kirk, the guy that has worked basically every job in town; Paris, a competitive classmate of Rory’s; plus, all the boyfriends that come into the girls’ lives, and you are getting closer to what makes people love Gilmore Girls. Throughout the series, the Gilmore girls deal with the challenges that life throws at them. Gilmore Girls is an excellent television series that many generations will enjoy because it has a wholesome, family message, it’s relatable, and it will make you…show more content…
The Gilmore girls are the epitome of realism. I can identify with the situations they face. There is one episode where Rory has a major exam coming up, so Rory and Lorelai spend the whole week studying for it. However, when it comes to the morning of the exam, they both oversleep, causing Rory to be late and unable to take the exam. Other scenarios include Rory going to a new school, all of Lorelai’s nice clothes being dirty when an important event is happening, and Rory studying for finals. These are just a few of the many realistic occurrences the Gilmore girls

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