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Play Education is the most important activity in the lives of children. Play is the foundation of learning for young children. For children play, is how they begin to understand and process their world? The best part for children is that play is fun and this keeps them always wanting more because they enjoy participating in it. Play education is for children up until age 12. And different ages are broken down into groups. Giving the child time and some few basic toys can provide them with a variety of valuable learning opportunities. It is important to let children explore and learn how to play, if the child can’t seem to figure it out then a person can guide them. Play Education is simple and very effective; this is an individual …show more content…
They start to understand and create the imaginary world. The kinds of toys to help with this group are for example push-pull toys, balls, child size play furniture, and doll furniture, take apart toys, and stuffed animals. You can introduce games like tag, catch, hiding things, and as easy as bouncing or jumping. Next set of age is from 3 to 6 years old. This is when children start creating play worlds, understanding of modern environments, moving confidently through space, and understanding media. These kids need to act out more to get the feeling of the world around them. Toys like toy phones, clocks, groceries and small cars, planes, trucks, and boats can help them understand the world better. The games that can be brought up for this group can be hide and seek, reverse roles, motor skills, and imitating things and people. At the age of 6 to 9 years old is when they start seeing imaginary fantasy worlds; they will be trying out work world and learning social strategies. At this age they understand games more efficiently and can start playing board games, tabletop sports games, start playing with racing cars, and marbles which is a coordinated game. The games you can introduce are play make believe games, improvise imaginary characters and play situations, and even play competitively. The last age is the graduating age starting at 9 and ending at 12 years old. This is when they start developing specific skills, social

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