Play In The Lighthouse Center Research Paper

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In the Lighthouse center, play is an essential and critical approach in children’s development process, where play is a medium for children to grasp reasoning and practice questioning toward obtaining understanding. A medium not only for physical development but also for richer experiences of science, music, math, and art-play. The lighthouse not only offer outside play area, but also provide indoor playground gym with plenty of space for free and directed open play. playground that promote a super fun way to introduce young children to movement, which help children develop physical coordination, strength, and flexibility, as well as providing all seasons every day never ends enjoyment. Having an indoor playground in the daycare is vital and valuable, especially within the northeast region, where the climate is not really appropriate for outside play every day.…show more content…
It's not only has enough space for each equipment, but also have a separate space for each children age group to move freely in their play area. All equipments have been carefully chosen to meet the children's capabilities, accommodate their needs and help children learn how to be part of a group and allows them to learn the skills of cooperation, problem solving, sharing, and working within groups. All equipments intentionally chosen to meet the safety standards concerning the children's age group. All the playground area was clean and free of any litter, where children can play freely and safely. All equipments have been chosen to promote child development process in a safe and comfortable environment. The center promotes and encourages using the playground area for learning activities as well as free
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