Play Number Of Children $ 44 Type Of Play

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Play Number of children = 44 Type of play
Unoccupied 7 1 Yelling for mother with no interactions with equipment or other children.
5 Walking around aimlessly. Do not seem to be wanting to play.
1 At the gate uninterested in the play equipment.
Onlooker 3 1 Watching other children being pushed on swings.
1 A younger girl looking on at the older children running on top of the spinner.
1 Watching other children play with the water equipment.
Solitary 7 1 On a scooter riding around
1 Playing on the playground by herself
2 Playing on the playground by themselves. 1 is in the tunnel going backwards and forth and the other is looking through the binoculars out onto the lake
1 Playing with the water equipment in the middle of the playground does not seem to be associating with others at the playground.
1 Rocking on the buzzy bee rocker by himself
1 Little boy learning to walk by himself on the different terrains that are at the playground. Didn’t do well at the stairs but was doing well on the grassy hill.
Parallel 9 4 On swings next to each other. Not seen to be associating with one another
3 Playing in the sandpit however all are keeping to themselves and doing their own thing.
2 Both running towards the water however once they got to the water equipment they had no involvement with one another.
Associative 6 2 Playing on the boats however they do not seem to be sharing a common goal
2 On the merry go round spinner piece of equipment. However are not interacting with each other.
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