Play Offers Children Rich Learning Environments

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Play is the most common activity in childhood. Trough play children can learn, create, and, socialize at the same time it helps children to increase their knowledge. That is why Crowther states, “In summary, play offers children rich learning experiences that enhance all levels of development” (Crowther, 2016, p. 12). In this particular observation, Clara and Maria agreed to play the roles of mother and daughter when they started to play. For that reason, I consider that the stage which is the most appropriate to that style of activity is cooperative play. In her book, “Creating Effective Learning Environments, Crowther states”, Crowther claims “They planned what they needed and decided on the roles to play” (Crowther, 2016, p. 5). In…show more content…
In the second case, Jairo was playing by himself. He repeated several times the alphabet using Mr. Potato’s mouth to express his cognitive advancement. It seems to me that the appropriate stage of cognitive play that he used is functional play. Crowther claims that “This type of play is also referred to as repetitive play or practice play” (Crowther, 2016, p. 6). It was obvious when Jairo repeated the alphabet that he was very capable of doing it. Section 4
Environment and Materials In general, people believe that the atmosphere has a big role in the learning environment. It is not an exception in the preschool room of my field placement centre. The children are encouraged to play because the environment is adequate and has maximized learning spaces, indoor space and storage. First, in terms of space maximization there is not too much room to have many learning centres. According to Crowther, “One way to maximize space is by placing centres that are linked closer together so that the space and many of the materials can be shared effectively” (Crowther, 2016, p. 38). It is one of the most amazing things that they do in this preschool room. The children can play with sand or water in the sensory centre. The inconvenience is that children cannot play with sand and water at the same time. However, this does not really matter. The ECE plans activities
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