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I enjoyed the play a lot and I would recommend it to a friend because I feel like any person could get easily hooked on to it. Many things made the play interesting. For instance, the music performances were a nice way to explain the story. I especially liked the song, “What is love”. The melody of the songs were very soothing. Also, hearing them sing is more fun than listening to someone speaking for two hours. Furthermore, the fact that the actors were close to the audience is another reason why I would recommend this play to a friend. It makes us feel as if we were engaging with the actors. There were only two nameless characters called “He” and “She” and the only props I can remember was the scarf of “He”. This allowed gave my mind some peace because it allowed me to only focus on what was going on. The actor did an amazing job on playing their roles. It was almost as if the chemistry between the characters of the actors was real. The play itself was…show more content…
They usually float around the ideas of gender/racial oppression and freedom. I think that this play relates more to the ideas of gender and racial oppression. In the beginning of the play, the characters talk about the stereotypical African-Americans and how wrongly they are portrayed by the media. Also, there is a scene where He asks the audience what the role of a man should be. He asks us that if the woman is strong, independent, courageous, where that leaves the man. He also says that men shouldn’t cry. Although this is widely believed, I think that everyone should have the right to express they’re emotions. Furthermore, the play is left with an unresolved ending. Some of the texts that we read in class ended the same way. For instance, “Hills like white elephants”. It leaves the reader wonder what could have happened next. The same thing goes for the play. It had me questioning what happened the couple, and the child of
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