Play Report: Our Lady of 121st Street

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Immediate Responses:
- Easy read
- Incredibly funny
- Characters are so unlike one another
- The relationships all linked together somehow
- Very disappointed by the way they found Sister Rose
- Loved the simple flow of the dialogue
- Had to re-read several things in order to keep the sequence straight due to the jumping around of the scenes and time.

Basic Conflict:

The basic conflict of the play is the unsettling fact that somebody has stolen the corpse of their beloved nun Sister Rose.

Major Events:
- Somebody stole Sister Rose’s corpse
- Balthazar tells Vic a story about a man who didn’t care that his son had died
- Rooftop goes to confession with Father Lux for the first time in 30 years.
- Inez is Rooftop’s
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He feels that he owes it to his parents to be the best possible parental figure he can be for Pinky.

Edwin’s overall need or desire throughout his life is to be certain Pinky is happy and safe at all times.

Edwin does extremely well trying to protect Pinky and know exactly where he is at all times, but Pinky makes it incredibly difficult to do so. In our scene he does not achieve it because Pinky was out for over 12 hours and did not tell Edwin where he was going to be which worried Edwin to death, but it was truly out of his
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