Play Therapy Is The Child 's Mode Of Communication

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"Play in therapy is the child 's mode of communication, for sharing his world, his inner thoughts and feelings, and the meanings that he makes of his experience of his world"(Cochran, Nordling, & Cochran, 2010, p. 4). Play therapy is all about the child. The counselor working with these children in play therapy have to understand how important it is to do their best to keep these sessions as child-centered as possible. This is the child 's opportunity to explore themselves and have the freedom to do so. This environment lets the children feel empowered. In play therapy, it is important they feel self-determined and have control. They also need to express their self-expression through play. Through this, they can express any emotion. Children do not always get the freedom to express themselves freely and this is the one place where they are allowed to do so. Many children from all different backgrounds attend play therapy. There are so many situations that children tend to go through and experience which leads them to going to therapy. One of these situations would be trauma. There are many different ways that children can experience trauma. Some of these include domestic violence, medical trauma, neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, traumatic grief, and school violence( A professional that works with a child that has been involved in some sort of trauma needs to know what to do with that client. They need the competency to
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