Play Worker Level 3

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CYP 3.1 Understand child and young person development 1.2. Explain the difference between sequence of development and rate of development and why the difference is important. Some aspects of Development follow a definite sequence. This is particular true when it comes to physical development for example, babies have to learn to lift their heads before they can sit; toddlers have to walk before they can run. It is also the case in other areas such as communication as, for example, a baby recognise words before producing them. While these sequences of development are typical in all children, what can change between individual children is the speed or rate at which they develop. This means some babies will sit unsupported at 7 months,…show more content…
| Communication | Telling jokes and enjoying chatting verbal arguments, persuasion and negotiation | Stories and writing that show imagination as well as being legible and reasonably grammatical | Good reading and writing skills negotiating and persuading adults and peers | Use of phones and technology to communicate chat with friends (Facebook, Hotmail, tweeter) | Moral | Children who tell others the rules and are keen to point out when rules have been broken. | Awareness of consequences of behaviour and increased thoughtfulness | Understanding for the need of rules in society | Understanding about right and wrong and consequences of actions interest in moral issues. | 2.1/2.2. Explain how children and young people’s development is influenced by a range of personal & external factors. What makes children so different even when they are the same age? This is an important question and one that has not yet been fully answered. We do know, however that children’s development is shaped both by intrinsic or personal factors, such as their health, but also external factors such as their family environment and their access to educational provision. This means that while a child may be born with the potential to be a great artist, this potential is unlikely to be realized unless the child has the chance to paint and draw and is encouraged by adults. Personal factors Health status Disability ,Sensory impairment and learning
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