Play on Social Evils: -Dowry

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English play on social evils {dowry} The Demanded Dowry Characters:- Narrator[N] Ghosh Family-Mr. Ghosh [FG], Mrs. Ghosh [MG], Sagar [son] Rai Family-Mr. Rai [FR], Mrs. Rai [MR], Sagarika [daughter] Story N:-Today we, the seven members {names} of this play greet you all. Here we have in our play Mr. Rai being played by XYZ…. He is a retired person who had worked in Indian navy before. Now we have Mrs. Rai being played by XYZ…. She is a kind person and loves sincerity .Their daughter Sagarika Rai or the person to be playing the role of a wife is XYZ…. She is very shy and coward girl who is also very kind like her mother. Now let us meet with Mr. Ghosh who is XYZ…. He is a…show more content…
Scene-3 N-Today is the auspicious day of karvachauth. The Holy day when wife’s fast without having a sip of water from morning to evening and break their fast after seeing their husband’s face. It is like a type of prayer for husband’s long life. Sagarika is also following the ritual and doing her 1st karvachauth. Mrs. Ghosh-Sagarika! I wish you are keeping your karvachauth. Sagarika-Yes mother! But I have to attend my college as I have my major tests today Mrs. Ghosh-Girls Nowadays! They just don’t give importance to these rituals. What should we say now? Sagarika- But mom I am following the rituals too. Mrs. Ghosh-Oh! Then why are you going to the college. Today you can stay and help me as the maid has taken holiday. You nasty girl I know you, you will go out have fun eat food and leave this old lady with loads of work. You daughters of laymen are like this only. Sagarika- Mom whatever you want to say you can say it to me but don’t insult my parents. N- {Mr. Ghosh enters} Mr. Ghosh- What is happening here? Why so much noise? Mrs. Ghosh-Oh! See your daughter in law and her spicy tongue. Mr. Ghosh -Oh! Oh! Maya stop it now. Why do you blame her always? Mrs. Ghosh- Blame her! Oh! You are a mad person. Don’t you hear her shouting at me? Mr. Ghosh- Sagarika, sweet Sagarika I know you are innocent but what is the matter. Sagarika- Actually today I have my major……….

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