Playdoh Case Study

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The B.A.T. clinical team met Azizeh’s mother, Azizeh and her siblings, Ameeriha and Mohammed on November 30th, 2016. On this date the B.A.T. clinical team were present to conduct a descriptive functional assessment, which consisted of direct observation of behavior and an Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence (ABC) narrative recording in the family home.

In the initial appointment, mom reported difficulties with Azizeh’s overall development, which will be probed. Playdoh was the item of interest and snack was used as a reinforcer for complying or giving the correct response. The assessment was done at the dining table and in later in Azizeh’s room. Communication was probed first. The clinical team probed greetings first. Azizeh did not respond to
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Based on direct observation, Azizeh displayed several maladpative behaviors throughout the assessment. She engaged in hand flapping three times, rubbed her hair rapidly 12 times, and verbally stimmed six times. She engages in these behaviors in front of people and/or when presented with demand. She displayed no tantrum behaviors (i.e. she will throw herself on the floor, cry, and scream). She ran off/eloped into the kitchen to get a snack when given a demand. She eloped and/or attempted to elope seven times. She either ran towards the family room, upstairs, or the kitchen and laughed and smiled when she ran to family room. Daily living skills and socialization where probed next. Based on direct observation, she did not wipe her mouth when eating and she needed reminders/prompts to clean up two out of five times. In regards to socialization, she was observed to engage in parallel play with the clinical team and her sister. However, her sister was observed to hit her when she wanted a preferred item (i.e. iPad).

The B.A.T. evaluator conducted a reinforcement assessment (RAISD) and the Adaptive Behavior Assessment System Third Edition (ABAS-3) assessment with Azizeh’s parents, as well as reviewed some anticipated goals for Azizeh and her parents. Parents stated they agreed. The B.A.T. evaluator then concluded the observation.
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