Playing A Division One Sport

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A lot of people throughout the world go into college thinking that playing a division one sport would be something that would be a really significant thing to do and that it won’t be so difficult to do, as the individuals who are getting recruited and going to play a college sport to play the game. In college athletics today, teams are practicing and working out usually around five times a week. Student athletes have to manage their time between all their school work, practices, and sometimes even a part time job on the side. Not only is it a lot of stress put on these particular students, as they have a lot to do throughout the week juggling between all these aspects of being a college athlete, but it is a lot of sleepless nights as well.…show more content…
Division I football and basketball teams are one of the main s component of a college or university’s income and the teams generate so much revenue during the year that it is only fair to the players that they get somewhat of a cut of all the profits. The NCAA started this rule in the very beginning of the league, as they felt no college athlete should receive payment for their amateurism and that a full or partial scholarship for the athlete’s education was enough. The one thing incoming college athletes don’t know is that if you sustain a career ending injury, that scholarship you received for your education can be revoked and you are now responsible to cover the cost of full tuition. This is also where a lot of athletes have to drop out of college since they can’t afford to pay full tuition.
College athletics are a critical part of a college or university’s culture and all around atmosphere. At the present time, student-athletes are considered amateurs and college is the stepping-stone to the professional leagues. Big-time schools are running a national entertainment business that controls the compensation rate of the players like a monopoly. For example:
“Duke’s athletic program, for example, pulled in revenue of nearly $80 million during a recent fiscal year. But it ended up with just $146,000 in excess revenue. That’s also why the NCAA had a surplus of only $80 million on $989 million in revenue for its last fiscal year.” (Strachan)
All of the excess
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