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Playing Beatie Bow Chapter Summaries Chapter 1 Chapter 1 of ‘Playing Beatie Bow’ is mainly the introducing and descriptions of the character. The chapter showed the family situation and how it is not at its best state. It shows how Abigail Kirk the protagonist of the novel hates her father, Weyland Kirk. Her resentment towards her father is due to the reason that he left his mother, when she was ten, for another woman; Jan. Abigail chooses to change her name and doesn’t like being called pet names as she hates everything and blames everything about her father. She also has a bad relationship for her grandmother, shouting and always disagreeing with each other. You can see the bitterness between them where Abigail is changing her name…show more content…
But still, it came to me then, she was the Stranger that would save the Gift for the family.’ She takes this the wrong way and thinks that Granny would poison her to kill her. The next day, she talks to Dovey about her dress and says, ‘I believe ‘twas so stained with blood and dirt Granny burnt it.’ (Her dress later in the book becomes an issue). Abigail realizes that if she said something bad against her it wouldn’t be easy for her to escape back to her time. Instead, she later complains that she has nothing to do and asks if they have any books to read. The only book that they had was the Bible, which she did not desire to read. Granny is surprised by this and tells Dovey to send Beatie to her when she comes back from school, to talk about Scripture. When Beatie arrives home, she is begins to tell Abigail about Scripture but Abigail changes the subject. She talks to Beatie about how she is the ‘Stranger’ and what is the ‘Gift’. But Beatie feared that if Granny found out that she had told Abigail about it, she would get into a lot of trouble. In the end of the chapter, she finally gets to talk to Gibbie, the ill boy. Chapter 5 She starts to talk to him and finds out that he is a repellent, immature, cold boy who thinks greatly of himself. He thinks about his funeral saying ‘Six black horses I’ll have, with plumes, and four men in tall hats with black streamers and a dead cart covered in flowers. But my coffin will be

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