Playing Fields Between Offline And Online Stores

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QUESTION: Is Gerry Harvey from Harvey Norman right? Are the playing fields between the offline and online stores uneven? For example: Are you the type to window shop in real stores but buy in virtual stores? Online shopping has largely influenced consumers for over 30 years. However during its inception, many consumers still preferred to travel to a physical store location to purchase products as they were unsure about this new method of shopping but as time passed, more people jumped on the bandwagon and soon it became mainstream. The question now though, is that are the shopping fields for online and offline stores uneven? Which is more popular and why is it like that? This essay will argue that in today’s technologically evolved world,…show more content…
According to an article by Kuan-Pin Chiang and Ruby Roy Dholakia, study revealed that convenience influences people’s intention to online shop (Chiang and Dholakia p181). In addition, the study showed that the type of product influences people to shop online. It showed that search products such as books are more likely to be bought online rather than experience products like perfume because of search coats are reduced (Chiang and Dholakia p.182) But will online stores be the catalyst for the fall of traditional shopping? Pros & Cons of Online Stores vs. Retail Stores To help determine whether traditional shopping will be phased out in the future, here are some Pros and & Cons of online stores compared to retail stores, according to Stacy Zeiger from the Houston Chronicle: In general, opening a business as an online store is much cheaper than a retail storefront. Unlike a retail storefront, there is no rent to pay or other utility bills directly related to the store, except for web hosting and technical support. You do not have to decorate the inside of the store, purchase inside and outside signage or display units. Since you can manage the work yourself, you do not have to hire additional employees. With an online store, your costs are directly related to your website, shipping and accepting online payments. You must pay for your desired domain name and may pay someone develop your website and e-commerce platform,
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