Playing High Action Video Games Improves Cognition

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Video games are typically used as a scapegoat for several reasons, such as causing violence and obesity. Many parents usually consider them a waste of time and others classify video games with being lazy and unproductive. Unfortunately, video game prejudice is nothing new; parents often blame video games for the failing grades that their child received and/or talking back. Although no strong evidence exists to prove these theories, numerous studies have pointed to improvement in cognitive skills, such as vision and hand-eye coordination, for those that play high action video games. Therefore, playing action filled video games may be beneficial to those with vision problems and people with certain diseases that can cause cognitive issues such as poor hand-eye coordination. However, the previously mentioned individuals may be unaware of the studies that have shown the benefits that may be the result of playing high action video games such as Call of Duty or Battlefield. As a result, one can argue that playing high action video games improve vision and hand-eye coordination.
One way that playing action filled video games expands cognitive skills is through improvement in vision. According to the article called Video games 'can improve eyesight for adults’ in a study done at University of Rochester, 22 students were split into two groups. One group played a high action game called “Call of Duty 2,” while the other group played “The Sims 2,” a game that does not involve high
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