Playing Roller Hockey Essay

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Playing Roller Hockey

Throughout my lifetime, many different goals have been set and achieved, but the most significant goal I accomplished was making the Foothill Grizzlies hockey team. Playing hockey, by far, is one of my favorite things to do. Whether I am playing for fun in a pickup game or against a top team in the state, hockey is what I love to do.

The Foothill Grizzlies were a roller hockey team that was formed when I was about the age of 13. I had heard many good things about the team, which at the time was one of the most respected teams in the state of California. Coached by a man named Jon Adimack, the team had won most of the tournaments and leagues they entered in. Hearing about this team and
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I played defense, and almost everyone on the team was an offensive player. They were all happy to see a defenseman who could play well and help the team out, especially the goalie. Facing many shots a game; he liked the idea of somebody else trying to stop the puck, before it reached him. I was able to consistently play defense very well in games and tournaments. Often times, we would have to play four games a day, because that’s how the tournaments worked. Games were only on one day, and if you won, you kept playing, until you lost and were knocked out from competition. I was able to play just as well in the fourth and championship games then I did in the opening game. My level of play increased a great amount over the years I played with the Grizzlies.

The team continuously won the games and tournaments we entered, until we were invited to Las Vegas for a Southern United States Tournament. We all drove out together as a team, and played in the tournament against the best teams in the South US. Our team won its first game and was forced to play our rivals, the Brea Bulldogs. This team had been giving us trouble, as we were identical in skill. The game started well and we began to dominate. We ended up winning five to three, and knocked them out of competition. We went through the rest of our competition, and entered the championship game for the South US. We played a team from Arizona called the
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