Playing Sports At A Young Age Essay

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Competitive sports are negative to younger kids and older kids who play sports, whether its contact or non-contact sports. Many kids are playing sports, whether it’s football, Martial Arts, Cross Country, or Baseball, the outcome of these sports can be all the same. When kids play sports at a young age and compete there is a giant risk factor to the kids mental and physical health. As kids grow up playing these sports, the pressure only increases, along with the risk of getting injured playing the sport that you may love. But when playing a competitive sport at a young age, the risk is very high for the child. Some say playing a sport competitively at a young age is bad for a child. When kids are to play a sport at a young age (under the age of 13), they are more focused on enjoying their time with their friends and having their parents there to watch them. The kids who are playing sports at a young age aren’t focused on getting the “Big Win” as some people call it, but they are more focused on their enjoyment with the sport. When a kid is to compete in a sport, they are focused on winning and getting the feeling of superiority over the other team and losing a game isn’t the feeling a kid should feel at a young age. Losing a game will most likely discourage the kid(s) and make them want to quit. It may also make them feel down due to not having the feeling superiority that the other team gets to encounter. On the other hand, that’s not the only thing children face playing

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